The company ATCO TRADE was the Project consortium leader of the world first full-scale
commercial project applying the concept of large span rope vertical opening screen doors for
protection of passenger train platforms. A prototype of the RSD product has been presented
by our Korean partners at previous InnoTrans exhibitions. In 2013 the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport designated the new technology as a Core Future Strategy. Such platform protection doors have up to now been executed in several locations worldwide,

“Alex was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Josh MargolisFounder of DAF

As test installations:


Korea – Year 2013

Pilot installation at Munyang Station in Daegu (currently in operation)

Korea – Year 2017

Nonsan Station in Chungnam (4-season test with KTX high-speed)
Nonsan Station in Chungnam – Year 2017 (4-season test with KTX high-speed trains
operation in a mixed traffic with four other types of conventional trains)

Japan – Year 2014

Pilot installation at Tsukimino Station on the Tokyo Metropolitan
City Line (9-month pilot operation and verification)

Sweden – Year 2017

Stockholm Åkeshov Station (verified winter operation)

As full-scale commercial project:


Bulgaria – Year 2019-2022

24-platform edge installations at Sofia Metro (in operation)

The project in Bulgaria is the first one to have been awarded through a tender procedure on a commercial basis. The RSD system was mounted in 24-platform edge installations at the Sofia Metro for the operation of 3 different train type and size configurations. The system has demonstrated the highest possible Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Passenger Safety, preventing platform accidents and non-authorized track access.

Since 1999, ATCO TRADE has had a good-record in installation and maintenance activities in thepublic sector electric transport, including warranty and post-warranty services. We have shown the ability ability to organize and coordinate installation, testing and commissioningactivities, successfully-managing a supply chain of more than 100 design & manufacturing companies in several Sofia Metro projects.

Based on our experience, we apply the same approach in partnership with local companies, adding value by access to a pool of Bulgarian signaling and electric engineers who have been involved in railway electrification and signaling modernization projects in the EU.